Garbagedrink - Storyforest

Technically not a Put On Your Drinking Cap release this album was from the same tradition of self-released and homemade albums. There's the Eggboard cassette tape that came first, but hearing that will depend on getting a cassette player connected to the internet.

Garbagedrink was Christopher Eckart, Brendan Munn and Chad Ingles. Chad joined the band having never really played an instrument before. It's a somewhat embarrassing memento of the time. Lovingly recorded mostly on a Tascam 8-track cassette type thing. It could really use a remastering.

Storyforest was released in 1995 using an ingenious "buy the CD in advance and get three for the price of one" special offer that resulted in near-instant market saturation, ensuring nobody could unload their extra two copies. It features a bunch of sci-fi songs about The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars, The Death Gate Cycle, and so on.

There were lots of shows at the X Club and a highlight of our lives was opening for Eric's Trip there.

Yah Yarpalogue!

Ragged Old Fox

The Ragged Old Fox is a ragged old traveling troubadour who plays a ragged old 5 string guitar. He grew up writing songs and poetry in a ragged old box near the railway tracks and now lives underneath the Old Man's porch.

More Ragged Old Fox:

Downloads Update

I don't know quite yet what to do with and I also don't have a lot of time for it right now. But here are the top downloaded songs just for some bright shiny news.

3511 Steven McKay - The Other Bums.mp3
1207 Leonard Gold - Smokin' Beaties
694 Country Church vs The Crotch Rockets - Disney Lied
682 The Sweet Homewreckers - No Sun, No Shade
657 Left Wing, Chicken Wing - Billy Holmes - I Can't Wait
652 Billy Holmes - Pluck Magee
573 Country Church vs The Crotch Rockets - Ride The Rocket
558 Christopher Eckart - Love Song For A Fish I, II, & III
553 The Sweet Homewreckers - Wild America
540 Country Church vs The Crotch Rockets - The One Before

I don't know if anyone is actively pointing people here, but at least some people are enjoying the good music.

Zildo Ildo - The Complete Works...

Zildo Ildo was a ramshackle project that eventually settled down into a core line-up of Chris Eckart, Hugo Fischer, Jesse Lewis, Chad Ingles and Mike Keire though the band also had many friends drop by to play and record. Inspired by good friendship and that unruly period between the end of highschool and the pre-planning stages of adulthood Zildo Ildo flourished briefly.

Country music, fishing, and cottage-trips were the settings for songwriting and recording. Drinking and ensuing destruction were often the background for practices. Falling asleep on church lawns at 3:00AM. Alien Attack. It was pretty carefree.

Zildo Ildo played often for a couple of years around 1999 but never officially released any albums, or even finished recording for that matter. It didn't really matter if we ever got anything down because we were having so much fun on the way.

The Sweet Homewreckers - From the Letdown to the Comearound

If it's true that there’s a tendency for young bands to wear their influences on their sleeves, The Sweet Homewreckers evidently can't decide which shirt to throw on. Formed in the small university town of Peterborough, ON, The Sweet Homewreckers are a six-piece rock and roll outfit. They're tight enough to show the contours, but loose enough to let you move around. They take the basic two guitars, bass and drums, and throw in some horns for added appeal. As for the contents of their closet, the ensemble is quite eclectic. Their music has been described as harkening to the days of "Halifax East-coast pop", with a "long awaited nod to early Beulah" included therein, and "a fine mix of soft pop influences with hints of sweet 60s styles".

Steven McKay - Whistle

You’re going to want to know Hamilton-native Steven McKay; he’s the requisite friend, embodying wit, wry, quirk, smirk and honest, authentic soul-shining celebrity. At least, that’s what his requisite friends think. A classically-trained percussionist, McKay found a warm seat in the generally welcoming arena of “sunshine prog-folk.”

This singer/songwriter is only recently hip to the notion of writing songs. Having spent most of his growth behind a drum set, it was a stint in his university band ‘FUN!’ followed by an equal turn in The Sprigs that brought the pen to paper for McKay. This new turn brought him into co-founding The Deviance, a literary rock outfit dedicated to bringing high school classics to the stage as well as an astounding solo venture.

Matt Paxton - Hand Drawn Maps

Paxton has been recording and writing songs since 2003 and released this EP of five songs in 2006. His musical influences reads like a Who's Who of great contemporary songwriters: Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Band, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Mississippi John Hurt, Townes Van Zandt and many more. Matt has played many shows across the Canadian landscape, sharing bills with Blackie & The Rodeo Kings, Tom Wilson, Jason Collett, Peter Elkas, Elliott Brood, Apostle of Hustle and Cuff The Duke among others.

Leonard Gold - If This Name Comes To You In A Dream

As the story goes, Robbie Holmes began his musical career alongside The Sweet Homewreckers' lead singer Cam Malcolm in the nascent local band Langston Heights, but it was a chance encounter away from the local stages that would influence him and this project.

"I think the mysterious nature just grew out of the circumstances the music lies under," explains Robbie Holmes on the origins of one of the new artists on Drinking Cap by the name of Leonard Gold. "I mean, I found a man in the woods playing music, a total recluse, poised to make music for the sheer joy of it and not the recognition. I took that music with his permission, fell in love with it and decided, hey, someone else should hear this."

Flattstreet - This Dog Is Big

"Seriously, though, someone had described you guys as "jazz rock" and I shuddered - in my experience too many jazz players have had the feel trained right out of them, and rock needs feel; that or their jazz chops aren't so hot. You guys had neither problem and you're really inventive with your songs & arrangements. Hope to catch you again." - Jamie Tennant, Program Director 93.3 CFMU

One September day in 1989, Martin Eckart (Tenor Sax) and Simon Gill (drums) found themselves in the same kindergarten class. Of course, at the time they weren't aware that they would eventually join forces to help create a breed of intense psychedelic funk-rock, they were more concerned with which of them would get first pick of toys and obtain the coveted red fire engine.

Escape Goats - Critically Ashamed

We have developed a fresh follow-up to May's Independent Rocker by some serious research and development in the Put On Your Drinking Cap Studio. With technology sprouting around the studio and creativity nurtured by the smells and brain-sensations of Southern Ontario summer we made an album for ourselves and our fans. Critically Ashamed brings well-seasoned as well as freshly made songs to our listeners, documenting the past and present of our lives inside and outside Escape Goats. Of course you will hear the classic rock songs we continue to write and play but aren't known for, and you will hear at least one sodden love song. But, you will also be allowed to witness unashamed excursions into guitarland, with only moody keyboards and associative lyrics for company.